‘Cuckoo’ Feature Film

A professor develops an unhealthy obsession with his star student. Polly (Laura Fraser) is trapped in a dead-end life. But when she has the chance to escape, her nearest and dearest have other ideas. Alone at night, mysterious sounds surround her. Voices in the darkness. Whispers of deceit. Polly knows she's not cuckoo, but why won't the noises go away? Polly turns to the one person she can trust her boss, Julius (Richard E. Grant). But Julius has a dark secret of his own.

Directed by                         Richard Bracewell

Directed by                         Richard Bracewell

Produced by                      Tony Bracewell and Richard Bracewell

Written by                           Richard Bracewell

Starring                              Richard E. Grant, Laura Fraser, Tamsin Greig, Antonia Bernath, Adam F

Music by                             Andrew Hewitt

Cinematography                Mark Partridge

Edited by                            Craig Cotterill